Friday, 25 October 2013

Dear all,

I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post in 2012. Some of my readers and fellow bloggers appear to have disappeared altogether; perhaps they hit a difficult losing streak or just got fed up with blogging or something else? Whatever the case I hope it’s not the former as I can certainly relate to what that feels like, one or two people may have seen my sporadic betting patterns at the 2011 festival resulting in me wiping out my entire bank in the course of the four days. To say I get carried away in festival week is an understatement; this is an issue I am facing head on as ultimately it results in me undoing the season’s hard work.

I went on to lose more by the end of my last post, by this time I was losing heart in the blog and the posts don’t tell the whole story in terms of profit/loss. My staking was way over the top for the size of my bank, something else I’ve addressed, however I can’t resist a large bet sometime if I really like one!

The 2013 flat season has been good and I’ve ended it with a flourish. Since my break from here I didn’t bet for almost a year and during that time and this seasons flat I have amassed a new betting bank for the forthcoming NH season.

Writing the blog certainly helps think through my selections so once again I’ll be posting up my major selections here.